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常用基本 數學符號


  ± plus or minus  
  × ;˙ times or mutiply  
  ÷ divide  
  - ; / divide, such as a/b  
  = equals, is equal to Back to Top
  does not equal, is not equal to  
  is less than  
  is greater than  
  is less than or equal to  
  is greater than or equal to  
  <> is not equal to; is less than or greater than  
  : is to, as in proportions, a : b as c : d  
  - - - between numerais or letters, shows omission of some numerals or letters at the end of a series or esquence shows "and so no"  
   √ positive square root Back to Top
  n的次方根 nth root  
  ! factorial  
  指數 exponent, use a as a factor b times  
  ab subscript, for descriptive discrimination  
  % percent  
  |  | absolute value  
  ~ similar, is similar to  
  angle, as in ㄥA or ㄥABC Back to Top
  mㄥ measure of angle  
  直角 right angle; is perpendicular to  
  弧形 arc  
  正三角 equilateral triangle  
  等腰三角 isosceles triangle  
  直角三角 right triangle  
  四邊形 quadrilateral  
  平行四邊形 parallelogram  
  梯形 trapezoid  
  ( x , y ) coordinates of a point in a plane Back to Top
  ( x , y , z ) coordinates of a point in space  
  dollar sign  
  ¢ cent sign  
  ( ) parentheses, shows order of operations  
  [ ] brackets, shows order of operations  
  { } braces, shows order of operations; also shows members of a set, when empty shows empty set  
  圓周 Circumference Back to Top
  面積 area
  直徑 diameter  
  半徑 radius  
  周邊;周長 perimeter  
  次方 power  
  根(數) root  
  length Back to Top
  基數;底邊 base  
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